Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Benteng Victoria (Fort Victoria) - The Oldest Fort in Ambon

Fort Victoria is a historic location that located proper in downtown Ambon, Moluccas. The oldest Fort in Ambon was produced by the Portuguese in 1775, which subsequently was taken over by The Dutch. Although this fort is not the biggest fort in Indonesia the Dutch then created this fort as being a center of their government to dredge the wealth of indigenous people, inside the type of spices are abundant during the earth Moluccas.

In the reign from the Dutch, this castle has a quite strategic function, namely being a center of colonial administration. In front with the fort there is a port that is certainly utilized as an inter-island sea transport pathway. Via this port can be the Dutch ships carrying the spices to become distributed to several nations in continental Europe. Adjacent for the fort, there is also a industry that became a meeting location for community of indigenous traders. The fort was also employed as being a defense against the indigenous people who fought against colonial rule. And, correct in front in the fort is often a national hero called Pattimura hanged, on December 6, 1817.

Today, the fort Victoria has come to be one on the historic tourist attraction by the local government. As one with the oldest fort of this location became a single with the exotic tourist destination in Moluccas.

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