Sunday, April 7, 2013

(Lake) Ranu Kumbolo - Exotic Camper Paradise

On the slopes of Mount Semeru, which is the active volcano that lies at an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level, there is a lake that has spectacular views and the exotic,ie, (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo.

To reach (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo, tourists can travel through Lumajang or Malang, East Java. Trip to (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo do require physically preparations and sufficient supplies, so that tourists should prepare everything properly. 

In (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo, hikers can set up a tent or resting in a hikers hut (shelter).
Hikers can also enjoy the exotic scenery on the shores of lake wich the water is clean and clear. There are lots of fish and wild grouse there.
Sights that should not be overlooked on the edge of (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo is at sunrise emerged from behind the hill. Exotic panorama and riveting at (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo will not be forgotten by climbers or tourists who've been there.

(Lake) Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2400 masl with an area of ​​14 hectares. It is true that the scenery is quite beautiful there.
For those who like to travel a challenging tour, panoramic sights (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo is one of the outstanding option.
You should also bring thick clothes and supplies adequate food supplies because the air temperature is very cold there.

In (Lake) Ranu Kumbolo, will find attractions with exotic scenery and unspoiled. In addition, it also could provoke fresh water fish in there.

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