Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Exotic Beach - Ujung Genteng

Ujung Genteng is a Natural Exotic Beach in South West Java Ciracap district, Sukabumi. Located about 220 kilometers from the capital Jakarta and 230 kilometers from the city of Bandung. Travelling time would be about six or seven hours by car. In addition to simply smooth the road there are several alternative paths and public transport is inadequate for the destination.

 Ujung Genteng Natural Exotic Beach has the characteristics of the south coast of Java wich generally well known that has clean water and high tide. However, this range is very different from the coast of the cartilage of the famous Pelabuhan Ratu wich the  tide could be dangerous sometimes. Although the Natural Exotic Beach Ujung Genteng is overlooking  free the Indian Ocean, but no danger to travelers who enjoy a great wave frolic in the water. Large ocean waves become friendly because of blocked by clusters scattered reefs in front of the lip of the beach, so we can enjoy nature with beautiful beaches, safe and comfortable. Children can swim in the ocean to the limit and you can watch a group of colorful fish in the margins of the stone, which shows Ujung Genteng its natural environment.

In the area of Natural Exotic Beach Ujung Genteng itself there are many places, including a direct view of green turtles (chelonia mydas) in coastal areas Pangumbahan. There is also place where you can surf a wave that is difficult enough as well known as a "seven waves". This place is a favorite area for tourists around the world for the sport of surfing. References seven waves of the people, as always consecutive seven successive waves, and often large. For those who love fishing, Natural Exotic Beach Ujung Genteng is a great place to fish because the fish are many and varied.

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