Saturday, April 27, 2013

Luxury Among The Wilderness

In this era, luxury can come in any place and any time, in any possible form imaginable. What could be more fascinating (and intriguing) than luxury offered among South African wilderness?

Welcome to Unique Safaris, a unique luxury tour provider that caters for and tailors personalised safari package tour in style and comfort.

There are only a few places on earth that is as magnificent as the east coast of Sotuh Africa. Unique Safari would take you to enjoy the best of both worlds in your grand African tour : visiting the wildlife among the bushes as well as the beaches!

So how will the luxury come to play? Well, for instance, your guides are qualified field and marine explorers who will make your South African experience more enjoyable and memorable with their top-notch expertise. Imagine yourself everythingfeasting your eyes with extraordinary view, from lush greeneries - home to graceful gazelles and captivating cheetahs - to pristine white beaches - where the transluscent emerald waters barely conceal the colourful coral reefs and marine life underneath.

Come nighttime, enjoy the luxury of five-star resorts with outstanding services only fit for the royalties. From pampering spa massages to gourmet cuisine, you will lavish only in the very best of South African palaces.

As for the transportation, they are able to provide you with a luxurious 8-seater bus that will transfer you smoothly to any destination you have in mind.

With Unique Safari, you will indulge in plentiful options that will cover everything you need to know about South Africa. The privilege is yours to alter and modify your tour according to your wishes and demands!

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