Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exotic Uninhabited Island - Rubiah Island Aceh

Ever heard the name Rubiah Island? Rubiah is an island located in the northeast of Pulau Weh - Sabang (island situated at the western tip of Sumatra).

The island can be reached from Iboih Coast (Aceh), with a boat that normally is already provided by local residents. Can be a regular speedboat, can also be equipped with a glass boat to see the beauty of the contents of the sea around the island Rubiah. As for those who are adept at swimming, the island can be reached without using a ship / boat with just a snorkeling.

That said, this tiny island was once a dormitory for the Hajj congregation who will travel to Mecca. But this time, the island Rubiah made ​​as a tourist destination object, ie, marine park or more often known as Rubiah Marine Park (Rubiah Sea Garden) with an area of ​​2600 hectares.
Rubiah itself is an empty island is uninhabited. But the island is very suitable to serve as a place to relax and let go of fatigue. Not only coconut trees with leaves that flutter as if always welcome visitors, but the island also has a white sandy beach. Guaranteed, you will be satisfied and reluctant to go home when you've set foot on this island.

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