Friday, April 5, 2013

Kelimutu - The Three Color Lakes

Three color lakes Kelimutu on the summit crater of Mount Flores who became one of the wonders of this world, absolutely stunning with the beauty and mystery that are stored on top of the mountain as high as 1690 meters above sea level.

Kelimutu is a combination of keli word meaning mountain and mutu, which means to boil. Kelimutu is one of the few areas that is very popular tourist destination on the island of Flores, in addition to the Komodo dragon, a traditional village Bena, and Riung beautiful Marine Park. Volcanic lake is considered magical and mysterious as the lake is the third color changing, with the passage of time. Earlier this lake is the color of red, white, and blue.In mid-2006 and occurred several times mainly to two adjacent lakes namely Lake Spirits Youth (Tiwu nua ko'o fai muri) and Lake Spirits soothsayer (Tiwu ata polo). Spirit Lake Youth previously green, in June last year had turned blue. While Lake soothsayer or Evil People who previously dark brown discolored somewhat reddish.

A separate lakes, Lake Spirits Parents (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) remain dark green / moss. However, last December Lake Spirits Youth back in green, Lake The Evil became blue, and Lake's parents became blackish brown. Water Color Lake Kelimutu is a mystery of nature.

Morning is the best time to watch Lake Flores. Shortly before noon, let alone the afternoon, the lake is usually shrouded in fog that blocks the view. That's why the tourists usually stay overnight in the village of Moni and go to Kelimutu at morning. Flores is located about 66 kilometers from the town of Ende and 83 kilometers from the town of Maumere.

Local people believe that Kelimutu sacred and give fertility to the surrounding nature. In some occasions there is usually a ceremony of local communities and give offerings to the "spirit" which keeps the region. 
The third broad lake was approximately 1.051 million square meters with a volume of 1292 million cubic meters of water. Boundaries beetwen lakes is a narrow stone walls are prone to landslides. The steep walls of a 70-degree angle with a height between 50 to 150 meters.

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