Saturday, April 6, 2013

River of Gems - Mahakam, East Kalimantan

Mahakam River is the largest river at the province of East Kalimantan which empties into the Makassar Strait. River with a length of about 920 km across the region is the West Kutai regency in the upstream, until the Kutai regency and the city of Samarinda downstream. On the river living mammal species of freshwater fish are threatened with extinction, namely Pesut Mahakam.

In Samarinda, Mahakam River used as a public area and a place to relax, especially in the afternoon. Local government has set up in such a way that people look comfortable in that place.

Toward the afternoon, we'll see dozens of merchants opened shanties in the palm of  food and beverages, the following seating to relax. Toy rental is also available for those who want to pamper their children. Foods that are sold, is not too much, like meatballs, chicken noodle, fried rice, fried noodles, and roasted corn. But, the atmosphere becomes one of the things sold in the region.

Towards sunset, the banks of the Mahakam area will be more crowded. Therefore, enjoy the sunset on the banks is the main attraction. For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of another, a few restaurants located in the hill area also offers the exoticism of a river that can be enjoyed from the heights.

In the area of ​​the edge of this city, we can also find amplang sales centers and souvenirs typical of Kalimantan (Borneo) East, turtle eggs are also dozens of vendors. Turtle eggs, supposedly nutritious treat various diseases.
In the city of Tenggarong, Mahakam River can also be enjoyed from an island in the middle of the river that crosses the city. The island is Pulau Kumala, which has been managed into a tourist park. Various rides can be enjoyed with a very affordable ticket.

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