Friday, April 5, 2013

Exotic Canyon "Sianok" - Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

Bukittinggi is one of the cities in West Sumatra. Traveling time to this city is within 1.5 hours drive from Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) with an enjoyable trip that is supported by adequate transportation facilities and stunning views right frame on the road. 

Along the way, we may see unspoiled nature, watching waterfalls and exotic Anai Valley as well as houses with Minangkabau architecture, truly an amazing sight. 

Uniquely, Bukittinggi is famous for its Land Mark This Clock Tower has Attraction in the city, one of the Dutch heritage you can also visit the first zoo in Indonesia, Fort de Kock, amazing Sianok Canyon and exotic Japanese Cave (Lobang Jepang) or you can watch cultural performances held in this city every night with a duration of 100 minutes. 

Sianok canyon is a steep (cliff) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, with District IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra. The valley is long and winding as the boundary line from the southern city of Koto Gadang canyon until the  Sianok Six Tribesc anyon, and ended up at Palupuh. Sianok canyon has beautiful scenery and become one of the province's main tourist attractions.

The canyon is about 100 m deeps along 15 km with a width of approximately 200 m and is part of the fault that separates the island of Sumatra in half lengthwise (Fault Semangko). This fault forms a steep wall, even perpendicular and form a green valley - a result of decreased movement of the earth's crust (sinklinal) - which fed Batang Sianok (batang means the river, in the Minangkabau language) where the water is very clear. In the Dutch colonial era, the gap is referred to as "buffalo sanget", because of the many free-living wild buffalo in the bottom of the canyon.

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