Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pre-Historic Cave Called Pawon

Hollywood movie lovers certainly is no stranger to the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." Slick film, starring Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, and a row of this famous Hollywood star, in addition to presenting a detailed scenario, the choice of an exotic location shoot. One of the limestone mountains that had to be in New Zealand is still beautiful. Well, in Indonesia we enjoy the beauty of pre-historic cave, as in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." In fact, the exoticism of us to enjoy, as in the film adaptation of the novel by JRR. Tolkin, Preanger areas, particularly among the karst mountains (Cretaceous Mountain) Cipatat, Padalarang, West Bandung Regency. The distance of about an hour from the city of Bandung, we can witness pre-historic cave and the beauty of the karst on both sides of the road.

In fact, the karst mountains formed from ancient times. This area is considered part of the lake of Bandung has been inhabited by prehistoric man. In view of the mountains, not far from the area, archaeologists have discovered a pre-historic cave called Gua Pawon. Well, the whole mountain karst Padalarang fact there are caves that have existed since prehistoric times. Location karst mountains that exist in this Padalarang rich in limestone and other stone products for industrial requirements. Karst mountainous area is also used as the main source of livelihood Cipatat and neighbors. So, since the 70s, this area is exposed and exploited many residents. Regarding the discovery of the pre-historic cave Pawon, community initially thought that this place is very sacred and haunted. In addition to the site located in karst rocks, a nest made of thousands of bats are found fossil skeleton of the cave.

The place is called Pawon, because of its form, as Pawon or Kitchen in the local language. This pre-historic cave has an interesting shape, as there are many niches in the small beginnings to a rather wide inside. Some archaeologists have concluded, this place is the home of early humans, who often occupy niches in the rock. In addition to the human fossil skeleton Pawon, here are several factors likely that their prehistoric stone tools, such as stamping tools, axes that are still raw, and others. 

The existence of a pre-historic cave Pawon increasingly alarming that one of the prehistoric sites. Not only the location has not been neglected, structures and access roads leading to it was of concern. The number of trucks to transport limestone mines of the results, make your way to the cave and its surroundings Pawon significant damage. Also, the location of this pre-historic cave visitors a lot of vandalism on the walls of the cave. In fact, around the cave, from left to shrubs to make the conditions less interesting caves grow. In fact, if not as a historic site, the Pawon exciting place for rock climbers. Extremely close to the Grotto Pawon ruining the eye. But it seems pre-historic cave and karst mountains are not going for a long time to the destruction of nature and human ignorance are not responsible for the face last year. Continue to dredge the bottom infinite natural wealth. In fact, not a few, that affect the karst hills with high explosives.

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