Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kampung Naga (Dragon Village) - Exotic Community in West Java

Kampung Naga is a village inhabited by a group of powerful people in the tradition of holding ancestor's omission. This is the obvious difference when compared with other communities outside the Kampung Naga (Dragon's Village). Kampung Naga community living on an order in a simplicity and inherent within the traditional wisdom. Kampung Naga is administratively located in the region Neglasari Village, Sub SALAWU district, Tasikmalaya, West Java Province.
Kampung Naga is a very exotic village, with their firm in the tradition of holding its progenitor. Entering the Kampung Naga (Dragon Village) we will be served up a variety of abstinence that should never be in a hit. We will be wonder when we violate their abstinence, later we will get a disaster of which we little expected.
Of the building or special house Kampung Naga-shaped stage, all the ingredients should also be made of bamboo and wood, while the roof made of palm leaves, "ijuk" or beams. Floor should also be made of bamboo or wooden planks, not in paint but using lime.

In the field of art, Kampung Naga community  taboo performing arts from outside the village, such as puppet show, opera, silat, arts and other music devices that use a "goong". While art is the ancestral heritage of Kampung Naga community is calung, angklung, complicated, and rengkong. However, citizens are allowed to watch other kind of art when they off their origin.

As with tradition Baduy Banten, Naga Village residents do not allow the modern goods or equipment into Kampung Naga. Up to enter the Dragon Village area will not hear the radio voice of melodious music and moves in steady motion, but will certainly listen to the voices of insects and frogs, when the sun was setting.

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