Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Snow Covered Mountain Peak In The Tropic

Lorentz National Park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. This area is also one among the three regions in the world that have glaciers in the tropics. Stretching from the snow covered mountain peak (5,030 meters above sea level), to stretch out to the coastal waters with mangrove forests and borders of the waters of the Arafura Sea. In this stretch, there is a spectrum of ecological stunning alpine vegetation of the region, sub-alpine, montane, sub-montane, lowland, and wetland.
Besides having a very high biodiversity, there are also some specific and unique presence in the Puncak Jaya glaciers and rivers that disappear a few kilometers into the ground in the Valley Balliem.

A total of 34 vegetation types including swamp forest, river, sago forest, peat forests, coral sand beaches, rain forests of flat land / slope, rain forest on the hill, heath forests, mountain forests, grasslands, and lichens and finished by a snow covered mountain 

The types of vegetation in this park include palm (Nypa fruticans), mangrove (Rhizophora apiculata), Pandanus julianettii, Colocasia esculenta, Avicennia marina, Podocarpus pilgeri, and Nauclea coadunata.

Despite having snow covered mountain peak, still there are plenty of animal lives in this national park. The types of animals that have been identified in the Lorentz National Park as many as 630 species of birds (± 70% of the bird in Papua) and 123 species of mammals. Bird species characteristic of this national park there are two types of cassowaries, four megapodes, 31 types of virgin / doves, 30 species of parrots, 13 species of birds of shrimp, 29 species of birds of honey, and 20 endemic species include long-tailed paradise paradise (Paradigalla caruneulata) and quail snow (Anurophasis monorthonyx).
Mammal fauna is recorded, among others, a long snout pig spines (Zaglossus bruijnii), pig snout short spines (Tachyglossus aculeatus), 4 types of possum, wallaby, bobcat, and tree kangaroos.

 snow covered mountain peak view on youtube:

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