Wednesday, March 13, 2013

7 Colored Earth - Mauritius

Mauritius is situated about 40 minutes by air to the northeast of Réunion and embodies what is to be expected to be the fate of latter island in geographically measured time. It is also of volcanic origin, but the volcanoes are long dead as the tectonic plate carrying the islands has moved on, shifting the so-called "hot spot" from beneath Mauritius to beneath Réunion a long time ago.

The volcanic past can easily be recognised in places where the coral reef is not present. The ocean's tides and currents wash away any beach. There are only a few such spots.

The hotspot, Chamarel has two prominent natural wonders to cater you. Out of these two wonders is the spectacular Chamarel Falls. People spend hours together by sitting beside the natural falls, which keep on flowing and gushing since ages.

Beside the Falls, the rocky beds are covered with colored landmass.

These unique landmasses were formed of the volcanic eruptions. After the eruption occurred, the temperature dropped with time leaving multiple shades on the surface of the rocks.

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