Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bora Bora weddings

Bora Bora weddings are now legal in French Polynesia! A new law was recently passed in France which has allowed non-French nationals to be legally wed throughout the islands of Tahiti!
Tahiti. The word evokes visions of an island paradise. With 118 islands and atolls that comprise this ideal South Pacific destination, the islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a and beyond continue to seduce travelers in search of a tranquil escape. With islands boasting high, rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, white sand, palm-fringed beaches, turquoise blue lagoons and emerald-green waters, this island paradise has something for everyone.
There is no better place to celebrate your new life together!
If you’re planning a wedding, and considering a pristine destination to share your vows with your fiancĂ©.
Its highly likely that if your not get married on Bora Bora, you will definitely see a wedding. Its now offical, tourists can be married now officially and legally in French Polynesia(Tahiti,Bora Bora,Moorea and others Polynesian islands, you could say French Polynesia is a perfect destination wedding if you want something special. A law authorizes non-French citizen to have weddings and get married in French Polynesia. What better way to experience the ultimate romantic holiday with a Bora Bora Wedding.
Traditional Polynesian weddings can be arranged by most of the Top Resorts and Hotels on Bora Bora Island. Whether celebrating your anniversary in Bora Bora, getting married or just rekindling some romance, It's difficult to imagine a more romantic setting and you'll treasure the memories for a lifetime than the experience you'll have on Bora Bora.
Bora Bora weddings can be as simple as a sunset ceremony with a Tahitian priest or as elaborate as a pageant with musicians and dancers. All are based on an authentic time honored Polynesian practice, as was performed by a priest or tohua with costumes, music and dance and flowers.

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  1. Good to know about these weddings. Few weeks ago, I arranged my cousin’s wedding at one of beautiful wedding venues. Hired a reputed caterer for yummy food services and also a talented photographer to take amazing pictures to make this day memorable. Both did an amazing job.