Thursday, March 14, 2013

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

When you are booking luxury honeymoon destinations, are you going to a resort for couples, an all-inclusive resort or did you just pick a spot on the map and buy tickets? There are a lot of ways that a couple can enjoy their honeymoon these days. Everything can be planned for you, some of it can be planned or you can choose to plan all of it yourself. For the couples who have had a big wedding and lots of planning to do for the big day, planning a honeymoon might not be appealing. Therefore, many travel coordinators have taken the guesswork out and planned destination trips for couples to choose from.
When you are going to book a package, make sure to ask what the packages include. Is that your meals? The alcoholic beverages? Do you have to pay tips only? There are a lot of services included and a lot that aren’t, so ask to see what yours does include so you can plan to take the appropriate amount of money with you. Not all of the islands work with US currency, so you will have to have cash on hand to trade in for local currency to pay for tips, trinkets at the local shops or if you venture out on your own for a meal.

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