Friday, March 29, 2013

Best Vacations Places in Indonesia

Best Vacations Places - The immense archipelago of Indonesia remains one of the most compelling destinations in the world. From the Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) to the graduated rice paddies of Bali, stunning landscapes abound. The country hums with religion, people and beauty. Steer away from the overpopulated capital of Jakarta and head instead toward crystal green waters, gargantuan trees and Komodo dragons elsewhere.
 Best Vacations Places in Bali
Intricate temples are just part of Bali's charm.   
Jakarta may be the official capital of Indonesia, but Bali is its heart. Explore the dim silver stores of Ubud, where jewelry is wrapped up in the newspaper and carried off in heavy plastic bags. The nightclubs of Kuta make for an electric night out and hushed spas aid the next day's recovery. Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran are sweet beach towns that offer respite from a busy world. In this Hindu region of Indonesia, offerings to Ganesh made of fruit and flowers decorate the streets and beaches. Some of the restaurants require a short walk over rice paddies lit up with floating lights. Horseback ride on a black sand beach, grab a surfboard or discover ancient temples. Paradisaical Bali has a little of everything.

Best Vacations Places in Sumatra
Sumatran tigers prowl the jungles of the island.   
Adventurers stopover on Sumatra, which delivers an experience that is definitely off the beaten path. It is a far cry from the resort culture of Bali. Once known as the Land of Gold for the gold deposits found there, this large island is home to incredible jungles rife with wildlife. Watch for orangutans and tigers, hunt for the world's tallest flower and then look for the world's biggest flower. Experience another thrill by traveling to Mount Kerinci, a live volcano in the Barisan mountains. Danau Maninjau is a place of absolute stillness and tranquility, a lake which must be reached by descending from mountains into a lost world. Finish up the journey at Pulau Weh where scuba dives take you over varied underwater terrain.

Best Vacations Places in Baliem Valley
Visit the Baliem Valley where mountains rise out of the mist and old rituals are still maintained.   
To really infiltrate the inscrutable customs of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, make a trip to the Baliem Valley. In August, the town of Wamena hosts traditional dances, war reenactments and lavish feasts. Tourism is limited to this area, and it can be expensive to travel here. The Grand Valley, as it was named by explorers in the 1930s, offers a way into a place where penis gourds are still in fashion and the Dani, Yali and Lani tribes maintain ancient agricultural techniques. Staying in the Baliem Valley does not necessarily mean roughing it; the Baliem Valley Resort is a luxurious option.


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