Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink Beach - Exotic Indonesian Jurassic Park

Pantai Merah Muda (Pink Beach) is one of the exotic tourist destination located in the Komodo National Park. Known for having beautiful beaches, amazing marine life and the exotic scenery of the surrounding area. The sand comes from the red sand beaches are scattered as small granules along the coast, because it has a pink sand beach is the beach called Pantai Merah Muda, as locals named this beach. In addition, this beach has views of the exotic and beautiful marine water corals.
Snorkelling right here is excellent on a healthy shallow reef. Diving is at the sloping reef edge wherever the bottom drops down to 25 metres. Half way along the beach front may be the greatest spot, exactly where the reef slope gives method to a a lot more abrupt wall with lots of green branching cup corals and stinging hydroids.
Thousands of fish of each colour and shape are the following for example yellow damsels, regal angelfish, checkerboard wrasse, masked unicornfish and schooling reef fish including striped fusiliers, against a beautiful backdrop of acripora corals, gorgonian fans and sponges. Frogfish also hang on the wall, blending in colourfully with their host sponge and surrounds.
Mantis shrimps are always in attendance with their housekeeping as they remove rock from their burrows. Their darting bulbous eyes are concept to be the most complex in nature, and they are able to strike prey having a crustacean karate chop from its claw, hard enough to crack a pane of glass. Other well-known residents on the rubble and sand substrate are crocodilefish, shrimp gobies and burrowing jawfish, protecting their broods of eggs in their agape mouths.

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