Monday, March 25, 2013

Bora Bora, the most beautiful and romantic island

Within one hour flight from the island of Tahiti or Moorea, Bora Bora island, with a lagoon resembling an artist's palette of blues and greens, is love at first sight.Romantics from around the world have claimed this island where the castle-like Mount Otemanu pierce the sky. Tropical slopes and valleys blossom with hibiscus, while palm-covered motu circle the lagoon like a necklace finely illuminated.

Perfect white-sand beaches give way to the waters where the fish turn emerald colored coral gardens as they greet the giant manta rays. This can easily be described as the center of the romantic universe, where luxury resorts and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows, villas thatchedroof, and the fairy tale atmosphere.

Simply said, Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world.

Pora Pora - the ancient name, meaning "first born," comes from the legend describes this as the first island increased when Taaroa,
supreme god, fishing out of the water after the creation myth Havai'i, now known as Raiatea. Although the first letter "B" does not exist in the language of Tahiti, when Captain Cook first heard the name he assumed the voice softened from Tahiti "P" to "B" and called the island of Bola Bola.

Asmara in Bora Bora

Indeed, the most romantic island in the world. From the dramatic scenery of privacy and amenities of the bungalows over the water, everything in Bora Bora equals 10 on the romance scale. Resorts have been welcoming couples for over 40 years and their special facilities have been improved to perfection. From sunrise to sunset, each resort has designed their own blend of unique romantic experiences for their guests to choose from.

For visitors, The Majesty Bora Bora offers:

Enchantment of the neon lit turquoise lagoon waters with endless days of exploration through snorkeling and diving.
Above the lagoon with the spirit of outrigger boats, Boston Whaler, wave runner, jet ski, and cruise ships dramatic sunset catamaran sailboat.
Exploration of the panoramic views are found by hike or 4x4 accompanied by entertaining local guides.
The discovery of world-renowned shopping for original art of local and international, Tahitian pearls, perfumes and oils, and precious wood crafts.

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