Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon

Tourists are constantly on the lookout for exotic destinations, as most of these are commonly regarded to be perfect for honeymoons. These destinations are extremely romantic and are as a result preferred by couples for their honeymoons as well as usual getaways. This is mainly because these Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon places are quite great at permitting people to rest while having a thoroughly pleasant time. Even though there are usually many such exotic places in the world, we look at the most exotic destinations you could possibly pick for your honeymoon.

Costa Rica, Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon
Costa Rica emerged as a leading honeymoon location just recently but has since firmly established itself as a wonderful place for couples looking to enjoy a peaceful honeymoon. The Costa Rica region is well known for its backwoods, which is fantastic for those people who like walking through forests and who are looking for green places instead of beaches for a change. Costa Rica also provides great activities closely related to its jungles such as swimming under waterfalls and exploring ruins.

Seychelles, Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon
Seychelles is always regarded as one of the top rated exotic destinations for honeymooners and the hype around the islands is indicative enough of their popularity. Its great weather and tourist hotel have helped the Seychelles retain its presence in the top three honeymoon destinations for a very long time. More importantly, the Seychelles islands, which comprise of no less than 110 islands, are renowned for their beautiful beaches which are amongst the few still left untouched. The number of honeymooners seeking vacation seychelles deals is only increasing, which indicates the popularity of the Seychelles as an exotic destination.

Mauritius, Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon
Mauritius, a neighbor to the Seychelles islands, also ranks among the top exotic destinations in the world. The number of couples going on honeymoon to Mauritius each year continues to be remarkable. Mauritius is also really famous for its beaches and extremely diversified culture. The fact that all Mauritians are entirely bilingual and that both French and English are generally used in this wonderful Indian Ocean island have made it a favorite destination with many Europeans.

Bora Bora, Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon
Bora Bora is normally regarded as an exquisite destination that wonderfully showcases the beauty of the French Polynesian islands. This is aided by the different lodging Bora Bora relies on, which is in sharp contrast with the regular hotels Seychelles or the Mauritius boutique hotels. Indeed, the overwater bungalows are a standard accommodation in Bora Bora and extremely sought by couples. Bora Bora is also very popular for its incredible views and lagoons.

St Lucia, Exotic Destinations for Honeymoon
Although St Lucia may not be as popular as more popular exotic destinations such as Mauritius and Seychelles, it is nevertheless an absolutely brilliant honeymoon destination. St Lucia overlooks the Carribean Sea, which makes for some magnificent views, and the island is perfect for couples looking for a quiet time near outstanding mountains.


  1. All these places seem to me exotic destinations but for honeymoon I prefer Bora Bora.

  2. These destinations are so cool! I, personally, prefer the Maldives. I've booked package holidays to maldives with my boyfriend this year. It's heaven on earth! Thanks for the recommendations though.