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Best Exotic Beach

What makes a Exotic Beach? Quite simply they need to stand out from the crowd. Coconuts and powder-like sand help too. The destinations shown here are located around the world. We have included beaches that are ideal for swimming or snorkeling as well as great places to party. Others are quite simply stunning to look at. Remember to pack the right gear once you have decided on your destination. A beach holiday doesn't mean you have to turn into a cooked lobster. Stay safe, lather up on the sunscreen and drink lots of water.

1. Exotic Beach, The Baths
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
You may have hated taking baths as a kid but the Baths on Virgin Gorda just might convert you. As one of the most famous sites in the Caribbean you can enjoy sandy beaches, shallow pools perfect for snorkeling as well as grottos and caves. One of the other unique features are the massive boulders that dot its landscape. Trying to figure out how they got there is all part of the experience. Discover what thousands before you already have and enjoy the Baths. Explore more of what the British Virgin Islands has to offer and stay at an amazing hotel.

2. Exotic Beach, Flamenco Beach
Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
Big does not always mean better and Culebra Island proves it. Located off of the coast of Puerto Rico's mainland lies an island filled with natural beauty and gorgeous beaches. One of its most famous is Flamenco Beach, or known locally as Playa Flamenco. The sand makes a perfect daybed, the water is ideal for snorkeling and the sun can provide you with the most perfect tan. Plus, lush forests surround you. Nature lovers should also keep their eyes open for turtle nesting locations and the many birds that call this paradise home. Make Playa Flamenco part of your holiday destination and relax at a Culebra Island hotel.

3. Exotic Beach, Flic en Flac
Grande Reviere Sud Est, Mauritius
A refreshing blue lagoon and white sand beaches... How perfect does that sound? Welcome to Flic en Flac. This beach has become a highlight for anyone fortunate enough to visit Mauritius. There are sections of the beach designated for hotel use but they can get crowded. Make the trek in between these establishments and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. True, you might need to bring your own sunshade but will be able to savor this tropical getaway with fewer people. Stick around until the end of the day and watch a glorious sunset. Interested in staying in Flic en Flac? Explore one of our hotels and see which one suits you the best.
4. Exotic Beach, Copacabana

Liberia, Costa Rica
Playa Tamarindo is as close to picture perfect as you can get. This world-famous destination is a Mecca for anyone who loves to surf. Located along the Pacific coast you can leave the wetsuit behind and enjoy the warm waters. Whether you are a pro or just learning the waves are ideal. Playa Tamarindo also hosts a number of other fantastic water activities and is famous for its fishing hotspots. You won't need to bring all your water toys with you though as there are a number of rental shops that can provide all your necessary gear. Stay close to this fabulous beach with one of these great hotels.

5. Exotic Beach, North Playa del Carmen
Cozumel, Mexico
Playa del Carmen is a fantastic sun destination and its beaches are definitely a top reason. The Central area has great sand but can get quite packed because of the restaurants and vendors that surround it. That is why we have chosen North Playa del Carmen. Seeing this beach stretch out before you is a beautiful site to behold. The sand here is absolutely spectacular and there is a lot of it. Your little ones will love building sandcastles here. The water is also perfect for snorkeling and whatever other water activities you might enjoy. Relax at one of these great Playa del Carmen hotels.

6. Exotic Beach, Paradise Beach
Mikonos, Greece
Interested in peace and quiet? Stay clear of Paradise Beach. This hotspot is only for those who love all day and night beach parties. Providing music, bars, lounge chairs, huts and places to grab a bite to eat you could spend a lot of time here. The water is cool and refreshing but truthfully the main reason people flock here is to be a part of the action and celebrate (insert whatever reason you have here) all night long. After your visit you too will see why they have called it Paradise Beach. Stay in the wonderful town of Mikonos and see what else this paradise has to offer.

Exotic Beach, Kata Beach
Phuket, Thailand
Choosing just one beach on Phuket proved to be a tad difficult. We think we have found one that stands out from the crowd though - Kata Beach. Why? Because it pleases so many people. Located along the west coast surfers head out during the monsoon season to catch huge waves. Once that time of year passes though the water is calm and perfect for beachers longing to relax on the beautiful sand. Kata Beach is simply a welcomed relief from the rest of the island's hustle and bustle. Explore more of what Phuket has to offer and stay at one of these great hotels.

8. Exotic Beach, Bondi Beach
Sydney, Australia
This world-famous getaway is only a half our away from Sydney but Bondi Beach transports you to a whole new world. It is actually incredible how beautiful a beach can truly be. Swimmers should stay around the north end of the beach while surfers will definitely want to make their way south. Be forewarned about its famous rip current though. Stay active and play some beach volleyball or simply soak up that Australian sun. You will find great restaurants and clubs long this glorious stretch of sand as well. See which Sydney hotel is best for you.

9. Exotic Beach, Kapalua Beach
Kahului, Hawaii
True, Kapalua Beach is only one of a thousand Hawaiian beaches. However, it is one of the best for swimming. Hawaii is famous for big waves, which makes the surfers happy, but what about a beach for those who have no idea what 'under the barrel' means? Kapalua beach is a lovely stretch of sand that is one of the safest to swim at. Thus, it is a popular choice among families. They aren't the only ones though. Come during whale season and see these beautiful aquatic mammals swim by for a truly unique experience. After staying at one of these hotels you just might find it hard to head back home.

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