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Costa Rica Beaches

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The Magical Costa Rica Beaches

When people think of Costa Rica, they imagine pristine white sand, deep blue sea, lush green rain forest; the Beaches of Costa Rica as the most beautiful of the world thus it has become a number one destination for lovers of the sea and for those seeking a close contact with Mother Earth. Costa Rica has over 1100 miles of coastline of which 65% consists of its borders. Indeed, with its fabulous Surfing beaches, avid and professional surfers also have adopted this country as their favorite target.
Come To The Beaches Of Costa Rica, Naturally!

Nobody is quite sure when it happened, but Costa Rica has become a favorite for Beach Lovers, Surfers, and those who seek a combination of nature, fun and luxury. The Beach Hotels of Costa Rica now enjoy international standards of comfort and elegance complete with all the necessary amenities, Tours, and packages, including Yoga Retreats, Weddings and Honeymoons. The idyllic untouched Beaches of Costa Rica, with their beautiful white sand and awesome waters bordered by an extraordinary flora and fauna enchant its visitors and lure them to come back, over and over again. Costa Rica has it all; swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sports fishing, whales and dolphin watching, birdwatching, zip line canopy tours, cruises, and sun worshipping. Come and be awed by the flamboyant sunsets of the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, or enjoy a Moon Rise on the Caribbean. Witness the ever so emotional spectacles offered by the gentle giants of the seas, the Leatherback Marine Turtle, lay their eggs, or watch their babies hatch and run to the ocean. See the Red Macaws dash across the bright blue sky of the Central Pacific coast while cheeky monkeys watch you from the trees. There is something exciting for everybody, only here, in Costa Rica!

Manuel Antonio Beach Costa Rica
The Manuel Antonio National Park counts with some of the most outstanding Beaches of Costa Rica and an incredibly diverse bio-diversity. It is amongst one of the most visited wonders of the world but it has kept its wild and mysterious air and the beaches are as untouched and beautiful as ever. It also has some of the finest Hotels of Costa Rica. Area:4,014 acres (16.24 km2) Location:Quepos, Central Pacific Founded: 1972

Montezuma Beach Costa Rica
Montezuma, as well has hiding some of the best Beaches of Costa Rica, is a little world by itself; in total harmony with nature, this bohemian yet vibrant little town is the perfect destination for a memorable holiday in Costa Rica, with its wide choice of activities and Tours to do. The perfect choice for sun worshippers and beach bummers who want more!

Mal Pais Beach Costa Rica
Mal Pais is just a very beautiful and blissful place. It is one of the greatest Beaches of Costa Rica and will Mal Pais, they are not only ideal for surfers, but for any holiday makers, singles, families, for honeymoons or weddings, for those who seek a yoga retreat in an idealistic setting or some adventures and exploration. The friendly laid back atmosphere and the scenic beauty will simply win you over!

Samara Beach Costa Rica
Samara is most definitely one of the most beautiful and friendly Beaches of Costa Rica. The perfectly shape white sand beach and deep blue ocean, the flamboyant sunsets, the many tours and activities and its amazing choice of hotels and restaurants make it one of the top destinations of this country.

Playa Tambor Beach Costa Rica
From hiking and birdwatching to strolling along the beautiful mile-long beach, there is plenty to do in Tambor, Costa Rica. Don’t let the size of this quaint town fool you; Playa Tambor also offers fabulous opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and even fishing in a tropical paradise.

Playa Islita Beach Costa Rica
This is a spectacular exclusive region, with two small beaches separated by old volcanic rocks, calm blue sea, white sand, sun, swim and sheer bliss. A real little paradise that is a must see while visiting Costa Rica.

Nosara Beach Costa Rica
Nosara is unique for with its compilation of beaches and an exciting variety of activities to choose from; while playa Guiones is the queen of surfing, there is a lot more than meet the eye at first! This is the perfect destination for a beautiful holiday full of emotions, in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere and at some of the most beautiful beaches.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica
One of the most popular beach resorts in Costa Rica, Tamarindo is the perfect place for for exploring both nature and adventure with amazing restaurants and night life. Get into nature whilst relaxing in one of its many great hotels. Area: 15 miles of coastline Height: 1,633 metres (5,358 ft) Location: North Pacific, Guanacaste

Playa Conchal Beach Costa Rica
With its white sand made out of crushed shells and corals, Playa Conchal is truly one of the most magnificent beaches of Costa Rica. Its warm blue clear water, with its gentle waves, make it ideal for a family holiday, or those who like to snorkeling or go scuba diving will see myriads of colorful fish, and if they are lucky spot a Manta Ray.

Playa Hermosa Beach Costa Rica
Playa Hermosa is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. It is perfect for beach and nature lovers, and while it has seen a bit of development over this last decade, this beach is still pristine and untouched and is never too crowded either. This is the perfect destination for a typical and memorable Costa Rican vacation.

Ocotal Beach Costa Rica
Ocotal is considered to be the gateway to Papagayo and its enchanting beaches. This is the perfect destination for a memorable holiday under the tropical sun of Guanacaste, in one of the most beautiful settings of Costa Rica.

Playa Panama Beach Costa Rica
Playa Panama is a family beach located in the Gulf of Papagayo, known for its superb beaches and sunsets. It is great for swimming and snorkeling and for taking long strolls on the beach. Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco are just round the corner, with a greater choice of bars, restaurants and nightlife, while Playa Panama is pristine, quiet and naturally beautiful.

Playa Potrero Beach Costa Rica
This is one of the most beautiful and enchanting Beaches of Costa Rica, close to very popular beaches like Playa Conchal, Brasilito, Tamarindo, Flamingo and Playas del Coco. Playa Potrero is great for family vacations, as the beach is safe for swimmers and is great for snorkeling. The Catalina Islands are a world famous destination for scuba diving.

Flamingo Beach Costa Rica
Flamingo Beach has often been rated as being one of the most amazing Beaches of Costa Rica, because of its splendid white sand beach, calm water and glorious sunsets. Its marina attracts many travelers while the expats of nearby town like to visit it for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. An excellent choice for an excellent holiday in Costa Rica!

Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica
Located on Costa Rica's northeast Caribbean coast, the stunning Tortuguero National Park now protects one of the largest remaining areas of tropical rainforest in Central America. Visit and discover some of the world’s most amazing wildlife from monkeys and birds to the magnificent sea turtles who come ashor to lay there eggs creating a wonderful experience for all who witness it. Area: 312km2 Founded: 1975 Location: Northeast Caribbean coast

Puerto Viejo Beach Costa Rica
The main tourist town of the Costa Rican Caribbean is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The mix of open-air bars and laid back surfer attitudes make this one of the most chilled places to hang out in Costa Rica.

Dominical Beach Costa Rica
Set on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, this little expat community is perfect for avid surfers and lovers seeking a wild pristine beach, lush green jungle and an exciting array of exotic wildlife. This is one of the most interesting destinations of Costa Rica, and is close to many places of interest too! A great place to be for a different holiday in the tropics!

Drake Bay Beach Costa Rica
Drake Bay, in the Peninsula of Osa, is a little town lost in the most beautiful region of Costa Rica, amidst wonderful flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful and endangered animals of the world. Those who seek a direct contact with nature and who love natural beauty will simply love it!

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