Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 10 Exotic Places in the World

Do you like touring various places in the world ? then you would definitely be looking for some exotic places to visit. The world is full of exotic and amazing places but the only thing to do is, discovering such places. You dont need to consult a buyer and spend so much hours to consider places to visit. I have done this for you, here are 10 exotic desitinations you should visit. You can also check our previous guide on 10 most amazing places to visit.

10- Amalfi Coast – Italy

Stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy is a beautiful mountainous coastline south of Naples in Campania. The southern peninsula is famous for scenery of villages and towns. If you were in Rome, Venice and Paris, Amalfi offers a romantic and nostalgic twist, and an unforgettable adventure. Perfect image of the Italian coast will make you love again.

9- Bali

Bali Island, Indonesia, tropical paradise known as Earth and a trip to this beautiful island, surrounded by natural beauty provides unlimited opportunities for fun and adventure. The island has some of the best hotels in the world where you can enjoy great local hospitality. Just one visit to Bali and you will not want to come home!

8- Fiji

There is no other place in the world that offers the same nature as the country near the island. The hospitality is unmatched and if you've visited Bali, Fiji's experience is a step forward. The beautiful lagoons and magnificent gardens, every moment spent here will be a memorable one. Fiji has a great variety of tourist attractions and day tours. If sightseeing is your thing, the best place to stay is either in Nadir or along the Coral Coast on the main island of Vitim Levi.

7- Iguazu Waterfalls – Argentina

Iguazu Falls Iguazu National Park is located and is one of the most spectacular of its kind in the world attraction. The park has various species of subtropical plants and animals, so it's time to take your backpack for a wonderful trip in nature.

6- Cancun – Mexico

Cancun is a city full of life, bright and charming. It is a dynamic destination for couples willing to spend. Live music - from reggae to salsa, rock and guitar solo - animate all bars, clubs and restaurants the resort. As a huge museum, Cancun is remarkable city with ancient culture of 3,000 years, the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere. It is located on the old bed of a lake7500 meters wide and is surrounded by mountains.

5- Seychelles

It may be a simple option, but if you have not visited the Seychelles you cannot understand the magic of this paradise island. If you want a romantic destination then Seychelles is the perfect choice. Diving, surfing, fun night, yachting and more exclusively for you.

4- Sub-Antarctic Islands, New Zealand

Not many people visit this country, but a trip to this area is perfect for discovering the unaltered. Whether hiking in nature requires high level of energy, all they can offer maximum satisfaction, making acquaintance with the flora and fauna so rare and special.

3- Cape Town - South Africa

South Africa is the place where you can spend a special holiday. From life to life without modern conveniences and tourists can choose exactly what they want. An unforgettable experience is diving with marine animals such as white shark. Comprising nearly 20,000 wild acres of steep cliffs and hiking trails, this legendary peninsula is part of Cape Peninsula National Park.

2- Phuket – Thailand

Beach and surfing, jungle, ancient temples, tastes and new flavors, landscapes of unimaginable beauty, extraordinary hospitality of the people, particularly low prices, incredible mixture of sounds, images and scents of the fascinating cultural mosaic of Thailand.

1- Bora Bora

Once in Bora Bora you will fall in love for all of this jewel in the middle of the ocean. Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Pacific" is a favorite destination for couples in love for the honeymoon. Lagoons of Bora Bora are the most valuable tourist attraction of the island and offers multiple possibilities: windsurfing, diving, swimming, jet ski, fishing, etc. Studded with steep cliffs and abysses chaotic vertical mountain slopes are today dressed in arch tropical vegetation.

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