Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exotic Place Jaco Costa Rica Vacation

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Costa Rica is the trendiest Costa Rica vacation destination
1. Location 
Jaco is in close proximity to San Jose, Costa Rica and their International Airport, where vacationers can easily shuffle back and forth from Jaco’s booming nightlife and San Jose’s big city lifestyle.

2. Costa Rica Culture
Known as the Central Pacific’s hottest party scene, Jaco, Costa Rica boasts a vivacious atmosphere that attracts a string of animated individuals from all over the world. But- don’t let Jaco’s reputation fool you, it’s just as easy to find the peace and quiet you may be seeking. Watch the sunrise early in the morning, while inhaling the refreshingly clean air, or enjoy one of Jaco’s world-famous horseback treks alongside their beautiful beaches.

3. Jaco Beach Surfing 
Jaco Beach is one of Costa Rica’s top 10 beaches, so it’s plausible to say, surfing and Jaco go hand in hand. In fact, it’s a surfer’s sanctuary. Beach dwellers will see both amateur and pro surfers riding the large waves of Jaco’s crystal clear, blue waters.

4. Costa Rica Food and Shopping
While Jaco, Costa Rica is likely the most Americanized town in Costa Rica, their selection of international cuisine is impressive. Jaco vacationers will find in array of exceptional fine dining spots, from 5-star sushi bars/restaurants, to authentic Costa Rican cuisine. As for shopping, Jaco has several shopping strips. Jaco tourists will easily find Costa Rican style clothing and accessories, as well as an abundance of fabulous high-end fashion brands.

5. Costa Rica Outdoor Activities
The variety of outdoor activities in Jaco,  just may well be the most exhilarating part of vacationing in Jaco, Costa Rica. Jaco outdoor tours include, scuba diving and snorkeling, where you’ll be able to see giant manta rays, white tip sharks, and sea turtles up close and personal, safari tours, where you’ll encounter jungle crocs and a number of exotic birds, and the ever popular canopy tours, where you’ll find yourself zipping through the rain forest tree tops.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been helping my parents look for some Jaco condos because we want to go there next summer. My friend told me how great his experiences were, so that's making me even more excited.

  2. This is sounds fantastic…it is exactly the type of trip I am looking forward to taking some day. If I were to go to Costa Rica I would like to look into Costa Rica Vacation Rentals so I could stay for a longer length of time and not have to worry about living in a hotel.

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