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How To Stay Safe From Crime In Thailand

How To Stay Safe From Crime In Thailand
Thailand is safe? For many other large cities in the world as long as you keep your common sense you should not encounter any problem in Thailand. The two most common crimes are theft and pickpocketing are. This is not surprising since most of the local Thai population living on less than five U.S. dollars every day.

For the average tourist in Thailand, the most common concern is the growing number of scam artists trick unsuspecting tourists fired from her cash.

As a precaution against theft, you must bring valuables with you at all times. You can also use a closet in the hotel room or guest house to store your belongings. Most likely you need your own padlock. However, there are occasional reports of theft by staff. Always lock your luggage when leaving the hotel or a guest room, and when you take over public transport. Having your own lock is also useful as an additional security measure for your room, especially in the doors of beachfront bamboo huts.

There are also some reports of theft as a result of overnight travel for long distance buses. However, most incidents occur in private companies run bus cheap. These buses usually run from Thanon Khao San Bangkok to Surat Thani and places like the southern beaches. Stations are government appointed the buses are supposed to leave. So do not be tempted. It is best to go directly to the bus stations as designated for their journeys.

If you are unsure, you should also ask to see those buses.

When you are traveling on a bus or train, you should never leave your luggage out of sight if it contains valuables. For your safety, you should be wary of accepting any food or drink of any travel companions that you are not familiar with what can be high.

Paranoid as it may seem, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has seen so many cases is to issue warnings about such crimes. Their drinks may also be spiked in pubs and clubs, so especially popular beach parties full moon on Ko Pha Ngan. There are no reported cases of sexual assault in Western women. Some men have reported that Thai prostitutes may also increase their drinks so they can steal the victim's room.

There are cases where very little violent crime against tourists in Thailand. However, the low crime does not mean no crime. Recently, there have been some serious cases of attacks on Western women travelers. Each year 14 million visitors travel to Thailand. Given this, the statistics of these crimes are extremely low. Common sense should prevail for travelers that includes locking doors and windows at night. And it should not be traveling alone at night, either a taxi or a tuk tuk.

When in Bangkok, never risk using an unlicensed taxi. Stick to using the license prominent and metered taxis.

For tourists, women, avoiding spending time alone with a Thai monk. There are no reported cases of rapes and murders committed by people wearing saffron robes. Not all men who wear saffron robes to keep the morale of the monks and Buddhism

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