Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paniai Lake - Exotic Lake in the Mountains of Papua

Paniai Lake declared as the best and most beautiful lakes in the world by the 157 countries that have a lake on the World Lake Conference in India on November 30, 2007.
Paniai lake covering an area of ​​14,500 ha, located at an altitude of 7500 meters above sea level with a condition that is still natural and exotic, around the lake are stored values ​​of art and culture of the local community is Mee and Moni tribe.
Paniai Lake is located in Paniai regency located at a position central mountains of Papua, moreover Paniai District has the potential nature of gold mine, forest, nature and cultural tourism.
Special, exotic, and charming. Exotic Lake scenery presents a lively, blue lake water, and a very beautiful atmosphere to any tourists who visit there. There are rocks and sand on the banks of the lake, and surrounded by cliffs are quite high, most topographic Paniai District located in mountainous and hilly regions which have a very cool air, although Paniai Lake is located in the heights, lakes Paniai store various types of freshwater fish and shrimp.
To get to Lake Paniai, we can begin the journey from the City of Enarotali, the capital of Paniai District. From City Enarotali, there are two routes to Paniai Lakes region. First, use a landline with a rented bus, Second, through the air aboard the Cessna aircraft that can land on the plateau region with the characteristics of the soil runway.

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