Thursday, March 7, 2013

Top Romantic Places

Top Romantic Places, We all know that feeling of being in love – the rest of the world could disappear and you and your partner would never notice. This time of bliss is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and of course you’ll need to choose a romantic spot for your dreamy vacation together. As it turns out, the world is just full of wonderful locations lovebirds like you have been flocking to for hundreds of years.

Colmar, France
Everyone knows about the romantic appeal of Paris, but if you’d like to do something a little different for your French vacation, take a look at the village of Colmar. Located in the wine capital of France, Colmar is also well-regarded among tourists for its perfectly preserved, whimsical architecture. The surrounding countryside is similarly picturesque and charming.

Alexandria, Egypt
One of Africa’s biggest seaports, Alexandria is also an ancient city with a fascinating history. A well-known tourist resort, it regularly accommodates thousands of curious couples eager to surround themselves with an exotic desert setting. Its fascinating ruins, astounding museums, and vibrant cuisine make Alexandria the perfect destination for those with an interest in Egyptian culture.

Cancún, Mexico
The beautiful resort city of Cancún was specifically created to attract tourists from all around the world, so it is well-prepared to accommodate you and your lover’s every need. Intrigued by the ancient culture of the Mayans? Some of their best-preserved ruins are a short trip away. Love freshwater diving and snorkeling? Cancún’s famous cenotes, or water-filled sinkholes, can offer a magical experience of exploring clear waters and magnificent cave systems.

Venice, Italy
With its amazing canals, gorgeous architecture, and Renaissance-era statues, Venice is truly a tourist’s dream. What could be more romantic than drifting by the beautiful buildings in a gondola, taking in the sights with your loved one beside you? Don’t deny yourselves this classic, unforgettable experience.

Vienna, Austria
Consistently ranked as one of the best places to live on Earth, stately Vienna is a cornucopia of beauty and history. You and your beloved could spend the better part of a month just taking in all of the impressive palaces and gardens that the city has to offer, to say nothing of the stimulating museums and mouthwatering food.

Prague, Czech Republic
The prize of Eastern Europe, this cosmopolitan city is known as much for its artistic and creative modern architecture as it is for its stunningly beautiful traditional castles. Famous author Franz Kafka lived much of his life here, and many museums and interesting public monuments are dedicated to him.

Bali, Indonesia
If an Asian experience is what you’re looking for, you can look no further than the beautiful resorts of Bali. This island is home to pristine beaches, unspoiled rainforests, and the beautiful temples and structures of an ancient culture. In short, Bali is perfect for a couple in love who wants to do a little exploring in a wondrously exotic locale!

The Island of Rhodes, Greece
Looking for a Mediterranean vacation, but not interested in the tourist-choked cities of Rome or Athens? The smaller islands of Greece can be your ticket to gorgeous ancient ruins, historic village architecture, clear blue waters and sun-splashed rocks. Rhodes Island in particular is known for its combination of natural delights and modern comforts.

Barbados, in the Caribbean
If you can’t imagine a romantic vacation without palm trees, white sand, exotic drinks and the sweet sounds of reggae or calypso music, then Barbados might be just the place for you. A former British colony, the country is consistently rated as one of the best-developed places in the Caribbean, with endless charm for the tourist couple that just wants to get away from it all.

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